About Me

Nice to meet you.

Hey there! I’m Kenneth, a student currently studying Interaction Media Design at University of Washington Bothell. I was born and raised in the south side of Seattle, WA and have been around computers for most of my life. I grew up building computers and playing PC games while my siblings were more active and into sports. I got into graphic designing my first year of high school as it was an optional class to take. After my first class, I was hooked, I knew I wanted to pursue a future in this field. I did graphic design and other technological classes throughout all of high school and loved every moment of it.

My inspiration for my work mainly comes from street culture. I pull from street culture’s depth in detail and casual simplicity when creating my projects.

My other interest include deep diving into music, fashion (I’m a big fan of vintage clothing), weightlifting, and watching anime or reading manga.