Vintage Photo Edit

Photo of my friends in California with a vintage filter


This photo was made at the request of my friend. He took a few photos while in California but is a huge person for nostalgia. He wanted his photos to have that “vintage” feel to it, similar to taking a photo on 35mm film. With that in mind, I edited the photo with the idea that it was taken with a film camera. This project was primary made using Adobe Photoshop.

Picture used for reference to create that vintage feel


Base photo, non-edited
Apply a color balance and saturation the photo
After applying grain and applying noise filter over the photo
Apply this grain filter as a screen over the photo
Apply a digital number tracker reminiscent of the date with an inner and outer glow


The end result is a photo that has a similar feel to if it was taken with a real film camera in the past. The numbers was the date the photo was taken (11/18) and 94 is a fake year to further emulate the idea that this was a photo taken during that time.