Cleveland Women’s Basketball Poster

This is a poster made for Cleveland High School women’s basketball team class of 2018. The people present inside the poster are all the seniors who’s on the women’s basketball team.


This poster was made for our school newspaper, Cleveland Publications. It was assigned to me by my multimedia teacher, Ms. Scirbner, who’s in charge of creating/managing our newspaper. Every year for each sports team, to honor students who are going to graduate that year, we like to produce posters of them with a certain theme for the yearbook and newspaper. For the seniors 2017-18, the theme was superheros. This poster was made primarily with Adobe Photoshop.


Since the theme for 2017-18 for Cleveland’s high school senior poster design was superheros, I thought it would fitting to use traditional American comics as a point for reference. Having the text look like it came from a super hero comic book. I put a glow on the three seniors to emphasize that they are the center of attention as in some comics, the super hero glows and strikes a pose once coming on screen.

Traditional american comics style


Using different tutorials on creating super hero themed text, I made a few different ones to potentially use for the poster. I made the main colors white and red and black as those are Cleveland’s school colors. I tested around with different words and text to see which I liked best. For the text on the bottom, I used ST Function Condensed and Function Bold.


Very little editing was done to the photo. Besides adjusting lighting and color, all I did was add an outer glow to the people and a drop shadow to add more depth to them. I added black marks to crop the photo to make it feel like a comic panel, creating an outline for the photo.

Base Photo
After applying glow, drop shadow, and adjusting the lighting in the photo
Adding black outlines and shape to make it seem like a comic panel