Drip Seattle Logo


This was a project assigned by my previous assistant manager while I was working at Nike. He was talking about an idea for a new running club called Drip Seattle. Seattle, being the location, and Drip ,because of how it constantly rains. Playing off of that, when you run, the rain will drip off your shoes. He had an idea in place for a logo but reached out to me to create it.


He wanted a simplistic theme as he wanted to print it on Jordan branded shirts and didn’t want to create something that was attention grabbing. We agreed that a simple text logo would be sufficient for these shirts. For the font we used Jordan NHG Disp 25XThin and 95 Black as we thought using a Jordan font on a Jordan shirt would be clever. The Seattle logo we used was a simplistic outline of the Space Needle as we felt it was a nice addition to add. We replaced the space within the D as it was a nice, simple way to represent some sort of raindrop.

Simple image of the Space Needle that would fit the theme


First idea, just using text to make the logo but felt empty.
Added the rain drop to replace the space in the D and tried to make the Seattle text the same length as Drip. We felt it looked awkward and still empty.

Added the space needle. However, we felt that the Space Needle felt out of place when standing directly next to the text.
Final version of the logo, we shrunk down Seattle to fit directly until the P, then decided to tuck the Space Needle under the P. This made it more compact but looked complete without feeling empty like the first edition.