Presidential Ad

Presidential logo for Austin Guisti


This project was made for Austin Guisti, a fellow student at University Of Washington Bothell. He came to me asking if I knew how to create videos as he had a class project coming up that involved creating your own presidential campaign. I was happy to help and created his own presidential ad video and logo for his BIS 338 class. I used Adobe Photoshop to create his logo and Adobe Premier Pro to create his presidential ad.



Austin wanted to create a presidential campaign video that contradicted itself. His main argument for his campaign was to push more strict gun control laws. So what we decided was to use one of Donald Trumps speeches about essentially reducing gun control and how he will give Americans their guns back. For the video itself, we complied a bunch of news outlet videos that show mass shootings and the results of not having stricter gun laws. Towards the end, Austin voices his side of the argument with the presidential ad as a final calling card.

Editing process for the video.

Inspiration/theme for Ad

On the logo, I took inspiration from people who are currently running for 2020s presidential campaign. I used Bernie Sanders and Mike Bloomberg presidential logos as main inspiration. I used the wavy lines from Bernie Sanders ad campaign to underline Austins whilst using Mike Bloomberg’s theme as a base. I added the stars as it was common on other presidential campaigns and felt like it was a good fit to include. For the font I used Sharp Sans No.1-Bold as it felt like a strong, firm, professional font that would fit the theme of a presidential Ad

Mike Bloomberg 2020 presidential campaign ad
Bernie Sanders 2020 presidential campaign ad