Sound Transit Drawing


These drawings were made in BIS 121, Introduction To Drawing, on 18 x 24 inch paper. These were made as a final project for BIS 121. The inspiration behind these drawings was trying to illustrate a daily commute to work within my environment. At the time, I was working downtown and I was wondering what to draw that represents my daily life. After thinking, I realized that the Light Rail was apart of mine and others daily experiences. So I decided for my final project, I would draw the Sound Transit Light Rail.

Outside the Light Rail

One point perspective drawing of the Light Rail from the outside

This is a drawing of the Sound Transit Light Rail at Othello Station from a one point perspective. I drew to simulate what it would almost look like if you were standing towards the end of the station. I felt drawing it in one point perspective was a perfect choice as the road and Light Rail seems endless when you view it down its side. I added pedestrians so the train wouldn’t feel as empty and shaded out the blank areas to fill in the negative space.

Picture for reference of what Othello Station looks like

Inside the Light Rail

Two point perspective drawing of the sound transit from the inside

This drawing is what it would look like if you were standing inside the Light Rail, near the door. Since I was sketching this while standing at an angle, I decided two point perspective would had been the best way to simulate what my eyes see. I added a person so that the drawing wouldn’t feel so empty and drew buildings past the Light Rail’s windows to fill in negative space. The buildings also help show depth in the drawing, that there’s actually elements past the train itself.

Picture for reference of what the inside of the Sound Transit Light Rail looks like